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The Technical Look


There are scant few things in life I love more than driving. Driving centers me, raises my spirits, resets my outlook — every time I'm behind the wheel. Which is why I'm extremely fortunate to be GP's Automotive Editor. But that's not to say it's always a breeze; in fact, it's often downright stressful, like when I need to do a photo shoot of a hot car in Manhattan on a weekday during rush hour. Somehow, this shoot with the M3 worked out perfectly: I found the right street, car and foot traffic magically abated. And I didn't have to worry about looking like a sweaty, crumpled mess during or after, even though I was contorting, running, speeding (sorry), and jumping in and out of the car for hours. A high-performance shirt that can take the strain of a high-stress shoot yet still look sharp as a high-performance ride? Excuse me while I make a lot of room in my closet.

Picking up the car is exciting; anticipating a damp, wrinkled mess of a shirt is not.

Low RPMs signify the calm before the storm.

Armed and dangerous I have powerful equipment to worry about; there's no time to think about making sure I look good. With a shirt like this, I won't have to.

Somehow I'm not a blur in this photo I'll snap off hundreds of shots from every angle, whether my clothing plays along or not. (This time, mine did.)

This is the moment of reckoning: did I get everything?

Saying goodbye is the hardest part, but it's easier when you're not at all disheveled.

Normally a business casual cocktail event after a photo shoot would require a costume change; this time I didn't skip a beat.

Manhattan Shirt by Mizzen + Main,  $125