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Sharp and Mobile Clothes for a NYC Bike Commute

Forget the subway, buses, cabs, cars, and walking — the only way to get around NYC is by bike. And to do bike commuting right, it takes a touch of strategy, a dash of gumption, and some blind luck. For strategy, I like to ride fatter tires, disc brakes, and a 1x drive system that gives me enough range to out-sprint the MTA, and also get over the Manhattan bridge. I also keep things comfortable with clothing built with stretch — key when climbing on the carbon composite horse. From the apartment to the coffee shop to the office, every time I vault onto the saddle, this setup keeps me comfortable, nimble and ready for whatever the streets throw my way.

Fall weather is perfect for bike commuting, all that's needed is a business casual shirt and pants.

NYC's a (dangerous) playground, survivable with the right gear and a finger always on the brakes.

Breathable, stretch fabrics are key to beating traffic and arriving sans sweat.

A cyclists fuel: coffee.

If you hit Manhattan early enough, you own the city.

One nice feature of Mizzen+Main's shirt are the pronounced cuffs, which always stay straight.

Arrival at the office awake, alert and ready for the day.

Davenport Shirt by Mizzen + Main, $125