The Ratio Eight Coffee Maker is a game changer; it makes a cup of joe with the body and richness of a barista-made brew with the touch of a single button. Bathing your grounds with two iterations of perfectly-heated water — the first achieving the sacred “bloom”, the second commencing the pour over-style brew — the Ratio Eight extracts all the flavor of your coffee without the bitterness.

Constructed from aerospace-grade, die-cast aluminum with a gloss powder coat finish and topped with natural wood finishes, the Ratio Eight is as attractive as it is simple to use. Simply add water to the tank, deposit the desired amount of grounds into the paper filter and go; starting your weekend has never felt better.

This package includes three pounds of single-origin coffee from Drive Coffee.

The team at Drive has been refining its coffee palate for close to a decade with on-the-ground experience in coffee-growing regions the world over. Sourcing the best beans for their blends, Drive has produced a selection that mirrors the kind of greatness to which their packaging pays homage. 

The Eight has a powerful 1600 watt heating element in 110 volt (US & Canada) or 220 volt. Eight's glass carafe holds Chemex paper filters or Able Kone stainless steel filter.

UL certified for household use, US and Canada.

Each machine is hand assembled and tested in Portland, Oregon.