Welcome to Issue Five, the 10th Anniversary Issue.

You might say we’ve been sweating this issue since the day Gear Patrol started, 10 years ago.  We’re not quite sure how an entire decade has already passed, but it’s been an endeavor that’s led up to this issue, which debuts our renewed effort to give products the platform they deserve.

For this issue, we gathered our minds together to commission 10 – get it? – stunning features and guides that embody the kind of journalism and captivating photography we’re striving for. Issue Five also embodies a bold new cover and fresh new design that puts products, people, and enthusiasm at the very front. We call it Product Journalism.
Inside our anniversary issue we’ve gone long and far. Here’s the rundown:

The A-Zs of Hi-Fi. Writers Eric Adams, Tucker Bowe, and Co-Founder, Ben Bowers explore the fresh new love of hi-fi audio and music in our 26 page guide, that cuts right through the jargon and gets right down to what matters with great audio.

Made in Glashutte. Join Gear Patrol’s watch writer Andrew Connor as he reports on how a small village in eastern Germany captured the admiration of watch collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

A Legacy in Leather. Our Outdoors writer, Tanner Bowden journeys to New Hampshire’s White Mountains to visit a fourth-generation bootmaker (Limmer Boots) as he carries on his family trade.

Scrambling Expectations. Staff Writer Bryan Campbell and expert off-road rider Gregor Halenda put a Ducati Desert Sled and Triumph Scrambler to the ultimate test; 2,678 miles through the Canadian Rockies and brutal stretches of the Denali Highway. Photographed by Sung Han.

The Master Smith. Associate Staff Writer, Emily Singer and Deputy Photo Editor, Henry Phillips travel to Seattle to visit America’s most celebrated bladesmith, Bob Kramer, as he sets out to unravel the mysteries of steel itself.

Southwestern Roots. Gear Patrol’s style writer, John Zientek sits down for an interview with Hiroki Nakamura, the visionary Japanese designer behind the cult fashion label Visvim, ahead of the opening of his first U.S. store. Photographed by Staff Photographer, Chase Pellerin.

Ferrari, 70 Years of Road Cars. It’s a year of anniversaries. Seventy years ago the first car emblazoned with the name Ferrari, accompanied by the signature prancing horse was born in Italy. Global car culture has never been the same nor has our Motoring Editor, Nick Caruso, who pens a heartfelt story about motoring’s most iconic marquee.

Yeti: Beyond the Cooler. The cooler that stormed the world is now backed by a 20,000 square-foot prototyping facility. Our writer, Emily Singer was granted an exclusive look behind the scenes at this new facility to see how Yeti is investing in its future to stay ahead of the pack and expand its product lineup to reach new audiences.

Australian Gin. Writer Kristen Marano and photographer Sabine Albers, travel across Australia to report on the rising movement of infusing gin with Australian native botanicals to make a gin of their very own.

Allied Cycle Works. Join Assistant Editor of Outdoors, AJ Powell on a visit to the deep south where one company is taking on the impossible.

The Winter Gear Guide. And of course, we’ve brought back our seasonal gear bible, with a new, tightly curated guide that features everything from boots to tires, vintage-inspired skis to outerwear. Oh, and 90s cars. Gear up for the best winter ever. Edited by Jack Seemer. Art Directed by Andrew Haynes.

Gear Patrol is a team of journalists and creators, users and enthusiasts. We are on a journey to produce the best damn experience for people who love products — something we call Product Journalism. If you love products — shiny or with patina, knowing what’s best, who’s behind them, being inspired by what they enable, learning where they’re from, or understanding how they came to exist — then welcome home and welcome to Issue Five, the 10th Anniversary Issue.