A classic design returns to be at your service.

Over a decade of heritage and Muyshondt Engineering come standard in each Aeon Mk. III Electric Torch. With a lineage dating back to our first design in 2006, the Aeon is small, bright, and capable. Built to fit comfortably in a space as small as a coin pocket, this Electric Torch is a reliable companion to any adventure. 


At the heart of the Aeon is the Mk. III Light Engine. Developed and tested for over nine months, the light engine supplies fully regulated output current to the LED, and allows effortless control of the Electric Torch. Coated in gold and carefully designed to maximize electrical conductivity and efficiency, the Mk. III Light Engine allows the Aeon to easily provide light for a very long time.


The Aeon doesn’t run forever, but you’d be forgiven for forgetting it uses batteries. Muyshondt design is fundamentally balanced, and using an MPC-CR2L Power Cell, the Aeon typically requires cell replacement only once every few months.

Space Faring

The Aeon Mk. III has been tested in near-Space. Launched unprotected to over 100,000 feet (31.5km), experiencing temperatures as low as -54F (-48C), and pressures less than 1/10th of those at sea level, then falling back to the Earth, the Aeon was safely recovered and worked flawlessly after its flight.


We make things slowly. We make things well. We make things that last. We have honed a very particular technical and artistic talent to this end and our design process is an exercise in sculpting simplicity – to take away until the core of the design is established – no less, and no more.

We create products to allow you to spend more time seeing the world for yourself. The Aeon is designed to excel at all general uses, intended to be comfortably used on any adventure, large or small, and perform well whenever it is called upon.


Aluminum Construction

The Aeon is made from an exceptionally strong alloy, bringing together the strength of steel with the featherweight of aluminum. Originally developed in secret by the Sumitomo Metal Company in Japan during the 1940s, it's substantially more difficult to machine, much more difficult to anodize, and far stronger than more common alloys, with one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any metal. It finds use in high quality rifles, airframe parts, and high-performance cycling and climbing equipment - and also: the Aeon Mk. III.


Lumicron technology for Muyshondt Electric Torches allows you to see better. A proprietary set of designs and processes results in a smooth, high clarity beam that mimics sunlight, and displays beautiful, accurate colors.

Double-AR Coated Borosilicate Lens

Strong, scratch resistant, and highly light transmissive with its double-sided Anti-Reflective (AR) coating, the lens passes through as many photos as possible while keeping your Electric Torch well protected from the elements.

Mk. III Light Engine

The Mk. III Light Engine allows for efficient and effortless use of the Aeon - simply click to turn on, half-press to change light intensity, click to turn off. The Mk. III Light Engine handles the rest, producing three light intensities at 1, 15, and 160 lumens.

Gold Plated Electrical Contacts

Highly conductive and highly inert, gold plated electronics ensure good electrical connections in all parts of the light, making sure more energy is converted to light instead of heat.

O-Ring Sealed, Water Resistant

Custom O-Rings seal all junctures of the torch - The Aeon lets light out, and nothing in.

Pushbutton Tailswitch

Sealed with a rubber boot and easy to activate, the tailswitch on the Aeon conveniently and effectively allows you to operate the light one-handed.

Stainless Steel Clip

Made from passivated stainless steel, the pocket clip bolts securely to the tail of the torch, and is designed with a locking mechanism to stay clipped securely when in use.


Designed around the minuscule MPC-CR2L Power Cell, the Aeon provides high outputs and long runtimes from its tiny power plant.

17.5 mm Diameter by 63 mm Long, 34 Grams

0.689 in Diameter by 2.48 in Long, 1.2 Ounces