For SCUBA divers, there are few name brands that carry more weight than Scubapro.  Founded in the earliest days of the sport, the brand has pioneered innumerable technologies that have advanced the once extremely hazardous sport into the modern age, making it safer and more enjoyable for millions of divers worldwide.  From their wetsuits and Sea Fins to the legendary Mark II Regulator (released in 1963 and still being sold today!), Scubapro products are known for their quality, durability, and reliability under pressure (that's an intentional play on words).

When it came to their diving watches, Scubapro spared no expense in specifying components and construction that met the needs of their professional and military diver clientele.  Admired by dive watch enthusiasts for their unique  PVD"Tuna Can" design (later used in modified form by Seiko) and superb construction, the Scubapro watches of the 1970s and 1980s have a cult-like following today.  

These Scubapro divers are rarely released from private collections, and the examples that do show signs of many years worth of hard use (read: they are usually beat to shit). This particular example does show some signs of normal wear from use, but isn't overly worn, with a clean dial that shows no water damage or staining, crisp luminescent elements, and a beautiful faded bezel.  Paired up with a rubber dive strap or a colorful nylon strap, this watch looks at home in a surprising variety of settings, but always looks as if it wants to jump off your wrist and into the ocean.  

For more information on the history of Scubapro, check out this interesting piece over at The Watch Spot, HERE.


Overall Condition: Case is in very good condition over all, showing normal signs of wear and PVD loss from age and use. Original dial is in outstanding condition with no noteworthy blemishes. Luminescent plots have faded evenly. Original hands show aged lume. Original case back and signed crown.

Includes two 22mm nylon straps by Crown & Buckle.