Our Field Shorts were built with sustainability, functionality and multi use in mind. We believe in making great products that are built to last and perform. The Field Shorts are the epitome of that mantra and will most likely outlast your current waist size. They are designed to be worn on or off the bike and be an everyday short for life. They are rugged and durable for challenging conditions but maintain a luxury feel that makes them just as comfortable to wear 24 hours a day no matter what the conditions. We believe firmly these are the perfect shorts for active life.

The body fabric is a waxed cotton from the premier waxed cotton supplier in the world and features a machine-washable Stay Wax. The finish is easy to care for and makes the garment weather and stain resistant while still being breathable. The Field Shorts only get better with wear and take durability and comfort to a new level.

Fit: Waist is true to size from 28-36" with a 9 inch inseam after wash.  They will break in with wear much like denim does.