Not all cycling jackets are created equal. Case in point, the Search and State S1-J Riding Jacket. Unapologetically referred to by the brand as the the best cycling jacket ever made, the S1-J features Schoeller C-Change fabric which is highly waterproof and insanely breathable. It is cut slim, but not so slim that it looks out of place off the bike.



We exclusively use Riri zippers on all our garments and the S1-J features a military-grade injection-molded aquazip that is one of the lightest and most durable zippers available today.


Cut close to the body, comfortable on training rides, sleek enough for race day, and versatile enough to wear off the bike.


The performance attributes of this garment alone make it exceptional. The hand feel of the fabric, overall construction and fit put it in a category of it’s own.