Like it or not, our lives have become inextricable from the cords, gadgets and dongles that keep us powered and connected. Misplacing and tangling are all too real hindrances while traveling, but those problems are solved by this tech-dedicated dopp kit. It’s equipped with straps for cords, headphones and chargers as well as a zip pocket for smaller items. This version is a Gear Patrol exclusive.

The evolved design supports equal storage depth within 2 compartments. Each side has 1.75” of depth for an overall capacity of 3.5” height. This is more than enough room for an Apple Power adapter, Apple TV, iPad plugs and USB cables, stacked. The TDK comes in 3 sizes:

  • Mini: 6” W x 5” H x 3.5” T (Pictures 1-3)
  • Regular: 9” W x 5.5” H x 3.5” T (Pictures 4-6)
  • Grande:  9” W x 8.75” H x 3.5” T (Pictures 7-9)

Each interior includes a zipper pocket that is deep enough to accommodate tablet plugs and other small gear. While it’s designed to be open in order to accommodate a variety of gear, we’ve also included straps so that everything stays put when you’re opening and closing the Kit. The TDK regular and grande also include a strap for a stylus, pen or longer instrument. The overall form factor is “boxy” with rounded corners so that it fits inside of larger luggage in a way that doesn’t damage the corners and maximizes the amount of space it takes up with the amount of gear you can stow inside.